Candidates and Eligibility Criteria

The Gamebcn incubation process is open to the development of videogames that have mostly come out of university courses.

The program is open to projects that meet the following criteria and are subject to a selection process.

Project in Beta stage or later. We do not accept projects that are in the concept phase. The projects should have a playable demo on the platform that is the primary one.

Projects for electronic distribution / downloadable uniquely and exclusively. Projects will be discarded that, for its own commercial distribution, require the production of cartridges or disks.

Projects with a commercial viability, not just testing technology. Projects must have a clear commercial viability and be capable of being distributed in the principal markets of the target platforms.

Projects convertible to other platforms by using multiplatform development tools. Gamebcn promotes multiplatform development and selects only those projects that can easily adapt to diverse platforms and do not focus on only one platform.

Projects of all types of the videogame genre, we do not accept gamified apps nor serious games. The games incubated in Gamebcn should be exceptionally entertaining, we discard gamified projects and those with a large training component, according to the definition of serious games.

We look for projects with a theme and guide that can incorporate elements of the classification PEGI +18 Pan European Game Information. We cannot accept projects that include pornographic, obscene, discriminatory or defamatory content.

Projects must include only original elements developed by its own team or elements for which the team can demonstrate owners permission, or be current with the payment of a corresponding license. The original projects cannot infringe on any copyrights, trademarks, commercial secrets, patents or other forms of intellectual property rights of individuals.

Universities with videogame industry related courses