Blowing Minds, one of the first incubated studios at GameBcn, has released its first game, Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion  with the distributor U-Play Online. The game is now available in the Play and the App Store.


brain aliens

Brain Aliens: Earth Invasion is an alien themed brain training game that allows you to stimulate your brain with 12 mini-games … while fighting another Earth invasion!

The minigames combine diverse fields such as logic, memory, arithmetic, calculations or reaction rate to gather “mental energy”  to reload the cannons that repel the invading UFOs. Furthermore, the game offers the chance to play in two difficulty levels: for adults(+14 years) or for children (<14 years).

The game is having a good reception with over 1,200 downloads and 86 positive reviews in the Play Store, with an average of 4.7 out of 5. Brain Aliens: Invasion Earth is available in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

We were able to interview the CEO and Game Designer of Blowing Minds Games, Oscar Sahun on the launch of Brain Aliens: Invasion Earth and his tenure during the GameBcn Program.

What led you to develop a Brain Training game?

We decided to create a brain training game after doing market research where we found that these games have a large audience. We couldn’t find any game on the market that had the necessary content to be considered, in our opinion, a good game based on the current market standards. So we found a business opportunity to develop a brain training with good graphics and more content that was currently on the market.

Where did you get the idea of ​​mixing brain training and alien theme?

It was clear that a brain training game is more attractive if you wrap it in a story. We did an online search to see what topics children liked, the main target of our game, and it turned out that aliens were one of their favorite themes.

How long have you been developing this game?

Too long. We are a team of three people who have worked eight months on this project. As it was our first project we had to learn many things and repeat others that have lengthened the development of the game.

What is the hardest part of making a game for both adults and children?

The hardest thing is to design mechanics that can please both large and small, and adjust the difficulty of the game, so it needs a lot of testing.

How did you come up with the fun and addictive gameplay of the loading mechanism?

When we decided to create a theme that would give meaning to the game and would be an alien theme, we got the team together for a brainstorming session. During this session, we came up with the idea of ​​generating energy with the mini games and use it to shoot the aliens.

What is your next challenge?

After creating two prototypes that we decided to leave, we are currently creating a model for a game of observation, analysis and deduction in which players take on the role of a private detective who must solve several cases that are happening in a neighborhood community.

Blowing Minds

How did Gamebcn help you?

Gamebcn was the opportunity that we were waiting for to try to dedicate ourselves to our passion: videogames. Gamebcn made us realize that if we wanted to make our dream a reality, we had to devote ourselves completely, so we dedicated our work exclusively to developing our project.

Would you highlight anything from the program?

Many things, but especially the training sessions taught by industry professionals who had gone through all we were experiencing. They gave us tips on how to do things and, above all, what mistakes not to make.

How did Gamebcn help you the most?

The program told us everything you need to know to publish a game successfully: the teams that were in Gamebcn were “pure and hard” developers, who didn´t even think about all the things to consider when building a business and how to market the games we were developing.

You would recommend the experience to other indie studies?

Without a doubt.


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