Eligibility criteria and selection process

Participation Requirements

The program is open to projects that meet the following criteria and are subject to a selection process.

Project in Beta stage or later.

Preferably Projects for electronic distribution.

Projects with a commercial viability, not just testing technology.

We cannot accept projects that include pornographic, obscene, discriminatory or defamatory content.

Selection Criteria

The selection of projects to participate in GameBCN is based on the following criteria:



Unity, experience, integrity, motivation, etc.


Project level completion

Art, design, programming, gameplay, etc.


Innovation in Gameplay

Genre, creativity, adapted to a platform, etc.



Creativity, design, music and effects, storytelling, etc.



Expertise, platform choice, etc.


Academic Feedback

The prototype development process, academic performance, etc.



Pricing policy and distribution, communication plan, definition of KPIs and tracking, etc.


Monetization and business

Evaluation of the business model, financial projections, etc.


Selection Process

The selection process to choose projects to participate in the GameBCN incubation program consists of two main parts: the analysis of the applications submitted through the form and a series of personal interviews with the members of the candidate teams that enter the program.


Review and score applications

The application and accompanying documentation attached is reviewed to verify the candidates meet the requirements of participation and is scored, based on more than 40 criterias. All applications must be submitted in the form below.


Personal interviews with the team and professors

The best applications will have personal interviews with the team and tutor to evaluate some of the selected criteria, the attitude and skills of the team.


Selection committee

Based on the results of the applications and interviews, the selection committee, composed of representatives of supporting organizations, will select up to 10 projects to participate.


Communication to participants

The projects selected to participate in the program will receive a notice of acceptance.