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As we are beginning a new edition of the Gamebcn program, we´d like to take a moment to reflect on last year’s program on and the experiences of the participating teams. We´ll start with CORSEGAMES, one of the teams chosen to participate in the Acceleration program.

Corsegames´ vision is to create mid-core strategy games focusing on quality and innovation. Their first game, Tower Revenge, is the first and only turn-based multiplayer tower defense game. Their team has taken on the popular genre of Tower Defense and given it a unique twist; instead of users playing against “the machine” they now play against their friends. Their mobile turn-based game is creating a whole new era for the genre.


We sat down with Mateo Pereira, the CEO of Corsegames, to discuss his experience in Gamebcn´s first edition ever.

Gamebcn: What was the most valuable for you from the whole Gamebcn program?

Mateo Pereira: The most valuable thing was the networking and visibility opportunities the program provided us with. We had access to the best of the business through the mentoring matching, training sessions and especially the Demo Day.

What was the biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge was to have a game as competitive and of high quality as the rest of the teams. Some of the teams had years of experiences in the industry, while others had huge teams.

Did you experience any major changes in the game development during the program?

Yes, we made a huge change and went from 2D to 3D. We realized that in order for the game to be as engaging as possible, we would have to amp up the graphics. Thanks to the training we received, we gained the technical know-how to go to 3D.

How was the game development during the program?

It was challenging to get a lot of time to actually work on the game, as we had many master classes that we had to attend. But we were constantly in Passionate Mode, also known as Crunch Mode!

What was the most surprising thing about your experience?

The biggest surprise was to see how all the teams supported and helped each other instead of competing. In an industry that is difficult to enter (and to stay on the top), it was really nice to find a supportive community. The connections we made will hopefully last throughout our career as indie developers.

What was the most fun?

Testing all the games was the moment where we had most fun, of course.

User testing corse games


What milestones did you achieve during the program?

On the development side, we achieved a first playable game. We also got the interest of Gerard Fernandez (of Omnidome) to become our mentor and received the support of La Caixa and Generalitat.

What’s the game´s current status?

In 4 months we will have our soft launch of Tower Revenge.

Any recommendations for future participants?

Take full advantage of the opportunities provided and make connections. If you’re shy, get out of your comfort zone and make an effort in all of the networking opportunities. Also try to change the word “problem” for “challenge” and you will see what happens!

What’s next for you?

Making fun games, always. See what we’re up to here and watch out for the launch of our game:

Thanks to Mateo for sitting down with us and talking about your experience. Keep your eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all things Gamebcn and indie game development.   

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