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On October 28 – 30th we attended Game Connection Europe in Paris, France. The key event in Europe for videogame professionals, it’s where the top players in the games industry meet and do business together. Gamebcn´s presence there solidifies our position as an integral member of the videogame industry in Europe.


As one of the main international videogame conferences, it plays an important role for industry leaders to get together to discuss trends, problems the industry is facing, share news and more.

We noticed a growing interest in independent game developers in creating games for PC and consoles. This is a shift from the app boom indie developers were previously rushing to create; as the PC and consoles are maintaining their relevance in today’s world. Evidence of the popularity of consoles was rampant with the buzz surrounding PlayStation’s 20th anniversary.


As the industry gets more crowded and complicated with new technologies, this is reflected in game publishers´ growing needs to compete. Accordingly, to maintain their market position (or create one), the industry is also recognizing they need to increase their marketing budgets in order to stand out in the crowd.

Another widespread trend is an increase in specialization, including artwork, models and design to carve out a position in a niche. This can be witnessed across the board, from large studios to smaller ones.

A popular discussion among attendees, unsurprisingly, was the question of project funding. The conference placed a special focus on public funding available to students and independent developers. Partner institutions were featured that offer public funding, such as ENISA and the Generalitat, whom Gamebcn partners with.

Valuable Connections

In addition to learning about the new trends and industry concerns, we also attended the conference in order to make new connections. We met with important organizations such as ENISA, the Generalitat of Catalunya and Why Tenerife?, to name a few. Our presence at these conferences serves to not only expand Gamebcn´s network, but primarily to help the videogame projects incubated in our program to achieve their goals.

We also ran into many members of Gamebcn´s network, such as Gamebcn mentor Ramon Nafria from A Crowd of Monsters and Barcelona locals such as Abylight, Game Troopers, Lollipop Robot, Badland Indie and more.

We’re looking forward to the next big gaming event, Game Developer’s Conference, in San Francisco in 2016. At which point in our program, we’ll be able to share more information about the teams participating in the current edition.

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