As we near Gamebcn´s Demo Day for the 2015 – 2016 program, it’s a great moment to see what teams from past editions are up to. Lubiterum, a company that participated in the previous program and were selected for the Acceleration Program, are about to launch their first game: Crazy Pixel Streaker.

They partnered with The Sidekicks, the new videogame label for indies, to spread fun and insanity all over the world. Crazy Pixel Streaker is a fresh and insane brawler with roguelike elements. It will drive the players into a wacky story where aliens abduct a bunch of jerks and forces them to spread chaos into the world most important sport events in order to steal the cups.

Up to four players will cooperate to beat the security in all kinds of sports stadiums, face all sorts of enemies and meet hilarious bosses. And they’ll also have to ride magic pigs! 

As you guessed, Crazy Pixel Streaker is all about fun. But behind this freshness the game relies on a strong gameplay that will guarantee hours of solo or party gaming :

  • Local and online multiplayer modes
  • Dozens of (crazy) weapons, from the watermelon bazooka to soda grenades
  • Beat’em all style combos to master
  • Strong replay with procedurally generated encounters
  • Adventure Mode with Permadeath
  • Customization and Ranking systems
  • And you get to run half-naked!

Guillaume Jamet, CEO at The Sidekicks, says: “I cannot say what we thought when we first received Crazy Pixel Streaker. This game was 100% improbable. But then we played and it was instantly obvious that we needed to work with these guys! Crazy Pixel Streaker is one of the most fun game we played these past years, we had to sign it!”.


Joan Godoy, one of the founders of Lubiterum says: “The Sidekicks is a brand new label with a great offer for an indie studio like ours. That is why we proposed them our game and we were thrilled by their enthusiasm about Crazy Pixel Streaker. With their support we can now focus on finishing the game and make it even craziest than we ever thought!”

Crazy Pixel Streaker will be available on PC on Q1 2016 and a few months later on PS4 and Xbox One. Congratulations to Lubiterum, keep an eye out for the release!


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